How to use Kloxxado® (naloxone HCl) nasal spray 8 mg

Be ready. Save a life from opioid overdose

With Kloxxado® nasal spray, anyone can reverse an opioid overdose, possibly with just one dose.1

Once administered, it works in the brain, right at the opioid receptor, with front-line power to reverse the deadly effects of the opioid causing the overdose.1,2

How to administer Kloxxado® nasal spray

When a life-threatening opioid overdose happens, administer Kloxxado® – it’s just four simple steps. Then call 911. Kloxxado® nasal spray is not a substitute for emergency medical care.1


  • If you’re experiencing an overdose, you can’t give Kloxxado® nasal spray to yourself. Make sure those around you know about Kloxxado® and where it’s stored, in case of an emergency.1
  • Kloxxado® is ready to use. Do not prime or test the device.1
  • Stay with the person after giving Kloxxado® to help them feel more comfortable until emergency help arrives.1
  • Overdoses involving highly potent opioids may require more naloxone to reverse.3
  • Kloxxado® contains more naloxone per dose.1,4
  • Some opioids may outlast the reversal effect of Kloxxado®, so the person may require additional dose(s).1

How to store Kloxxado® nasal spray1

  • Keep Kloxxado® nasal spray in the blister and cartons provided until ready to use.
  • Store at room temperature 60°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C).
  • Protect from light.
  • Do not freeze. Do not expose to temperatures below 41°F (5°C) or above 104°F (40°C).
  • Replace Kloxxado® nasal spray before the expiration date on the box.

Keep Kloxxado® nasal spray and all medicines out of the reach of children.

For more information, see complete prescribing information.

Kloxxado® Quick Use Instructions

How to identify an opioid overdose, administer Kloxxado® nasal spray and stay safe until emergency help arrives.


How to get Kloxxado®

Getting Kloxxado® is simple with a prescription from your doctor. You can also save with the Kloxxado® Savings Card.

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