Kloxxado™ nasal spray is administered in the nostril and does not require evidence of breathing through the nose during administration.2

Opioids work by attaching to specific receptors found in the brain and in the nervous system. This includes the nerves that sense pain, as well as the nerves that control breathing. Taking too many opioids can lead to an overdose and that can stop someone from breathing.5

Naloxone, the active ingredient in Kloxxado™, stops the opioids from attaching to the receptors on the nerves. This reverses the effects and symptoms of the overdose.6

Get emergency medical help right away in any case of known or suspected overdose emergency. Kloxxado™ nasal spray is not a substitute for emergency medical care.2 Administer in accordance with the instructions provided in the Kloxxado™ Quick Instructions for Use.

Each device is a single dose. If an additional dose is needed, you must use another device.