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Kloxxado® Co-Rx Guide

Kloxxado® Co-Rx Guide

Download a quick guide to co-prescribing Kloxxado®.

Kloxxado® Patient Information

View Kloxxado® Patient Information online.

Kloxxado® Quick Use Instructions

Easy-to-follow instructions for administering Kloxxado®.

Kloxxado® Quick Use Instructions – Spanish

En español: instrucciones fáciles de seguir para administrar Kloxxado®.

Kloxxado® Savings Card

Help your patients pay as little as $0* for naloxone.

Who Should Carry Kloxxado®

Wondering if naloxone should be part of your first aid kit? This checklist will help you decide.

Info Sheet: Kloxxado® is a Safety Net for People in Recovery

Discover why relapse shouldn’t be the end.

Talking to Patients About Substance Use

Helpful tips for talking to your patients about substance use. Brought to you by the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute on Drug Use.

Talking to Patients About Naloxone

Helpful tips for talking to your patients about naloxone. Brought to you by the American Medical Association.

3 Things to Consider When Co-Prescribing Naloxone

Prescribing naloxone is about more than just your patient. Brought to you by the American Medical Association.

The MORE study

Life Saving Confidence

Listen to the voices of real people who participated in The MORE Study as they recount their experience using naloxone HCI nasal spray 4 mg.1

Guidance & recommendations

Around the practice: Education on the importance of naloxone

Presented by Psychiatric Times
Moderator: Matthew A. Torrington, MD
Panelists: Daniel E. Buffington PharmD, MBA, Thomas R. Kosten, MD, and Bill H. McCarberg, MD

The following videos are used with permission from Psychiatric Times. Psychiatric Times is a copyright publication of MultiMedia Medical, LLC. All rights reserved.
The views of the participants are independently created are not necessarily those of Hikma Pharmaceuticals.

EP1: The Opioid Epidemic and Fentanyl

Episode 1 explores the current state of the opioid epidemic and the role of naloxone in the emergency treatment of patients with a known or suspected overdose.

EP2: Approaches to Pain Management

Episode 2 explores how the opioid overdose epidemic has changed how clinicians manage pain.

EP3: Challenges With Opioid Use

Episode 3 explores the difficulties practitioners face prescribing opioid therapies to patients for pain management.

EP4: Using Naloxone Against Opioid Use

Episode 4 explores the prescribing and use of naloxone, an opioid antagonist, as a response to the opioid epidemic.


EP5: Dealing With a Fentanyl Overdose

Episode 5 explores how naloxone is used to reverse fentanyl overdose.

EP6: Educating Family on Naloxone and Overdoses

Episode 6 explores the importance of educating patients and their loved ones about fentanyl, overdose and naloxone.

EP7: Patient Case #1 Introduction

Episode 7 introduces the patient case of a 27 year old man presented with extreme pain in his right ankle, ribs, and arm from getting into a car accident.


EP8: Patient Case #1 Discussion

Episode 8 examines the case of the 27 year old man with car accident injuries.

EP9: Patient Case #2 Introduction

Episode 9 introduces the patient case of a 49 year old man found semi-responsive to commands with suspected opioid overdose.


EP10: Patient Case #2 Discussion

Episode 10 examines the case of the 49 year old man with suspected opioid overdose.

EP11: The Role of Healthcare Professionals and Future Direction

Episode 11 discusses the future of pain management and explores why the risk of opioid overdose necessitates patient education on the use of naloxone.

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