How to get KloxxadoTM (naloxone HCl) nasal spray 8 mg

Getting KloxxadoTM is simple and easy

KloxxadoTM nasal spray is available at your local pharmacy with a prescription from your doctor. Ask your doctor if a prescription for naloxone is right for you.

Don’t let cost get in the way of saving a life

Eligible patients may even pay as little as $0* for KloxxadoTM with the first and only savings card for a naloxone nasal spray.

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Many patients may not know that an emergency treatment for an opioid overdose is available. You can help raise awareness by talking to your patients about KloxxadoTM. Read more about the benefits of KloxxadoTM for your patients.

KloxxadoTM training kits coming soon

We are in the process of developing training kits that prescribers can use when talking to patients about KloxxadoTM nasal spray. Contact us for more information.

Community Organizations and First Responders

Contact us if you’re interested in placing a bulk order of KloxxadoTM. Public access pricing is available.

$0* could save a life

With the Kloxxado™ Savings Card, you could pay as little as $0* (up to $40 savings for eligible patients) for Kloxxado™ nasal spray.

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How to use KloxxadoTM

Be ready to take action. KloxxadoTM was designed to be used by anyone without the need for medical training.

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*Maximum value of $40 per box. The KloxxadoTM Savings card is not Health Insurance. See complete eligibility and restrictions.